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INDAX Internet Services has been designing dynamic and creative web sites for people all over the world since 1998.  We help our clients join the global trend in outsourcing by being a reliable partner and dependable friend.  They feel we are the best Indian web design company.  We deliver quality, integrity, and great economy.  We ARE different!  Talk to us today.

What we do
From low budget websites to ecommerce solutions our creative web designers and skillfull coders build study, dependable web sites that help your business keep growing.
Long term protection of your Internet assets with scheduled maintenance programs. Search engine optimization that lights up your web site. W3C compliance for more efficient websites. Mobile friendly for platform independence.
When you have a special need, talk to us. We build custom sites, speciality portals, company intranets, ecommerce solutions, HIPAA and ADA compliance compliant web sites and more.
We are reliable, economical partners to existing web designers in the US and UK and a resource for full-time equivalent (FTE) workers for your company's special projects or IT departments.
     Recent Work
LocFlowTech - Localization Flow Technologies

Vera de Jong
Localization flow technology consulting

Vera de Jong
artist gallery of acrylic on canvas.

Content management solution for forum for literary critique

          India Information CenterIndia Information Center
INDAX presents this overview of India - a tremendously complex land, with a dynamic mix of cultures, religions and peoples. Modern India, riding an IT and outsourcing boom, exists alongside ancient traditions and an even more ancient land. A fascinating place, India defies description and contradicts every conclusion.

Travel in India
A truly exotic country, full of adventure and challenges. You can engage India on many levels. We offer some advice which we hope will make your journey smoother and your experiences richer.
Business in India
India is only beginning to realize its potential as a player in today's global marketplace. It represents a huge and expanding market for goods and services. And it has a skilled workforce and a rising middle class.
Media in India
From film to television to newspapers and radio, Indian media offers a free and lively forum. The Internet is also coming of age as the country goes on-line. The debates and issues have never been hotter.
Culture in India
One of the oldest civilizations on earth, India has participated in so much human history and influenced so many other cultures. There is a wealth of history, religion, art, and culture to be explored.
Living in India
Here is a support section for foreigners and overseas Indians who are coming to live in India. If you are more than a short term traveler we may have useful information for you.
Students section
We have created this student section to engage students interested in learning about India. The age profile runs from upper elementary to high school and there are some quizzes and games as well.

What to look for in a web design company overseas

Congratulations on considering the services of an Indian web design company like Indax.
Global outsourcing is the trend of the future and all countries benefit from international trade in products and services. There are high quality Indian companies that have helped raise the global perception of the Indian "brand" and these companies compete successfully around the world. However, not every Indian company offering web design and development will be able to deliver to YOUR satisfaction. You need to be proactive in sourcing your overseas partners.

We suggest you consider the following points in making a decision to outsource any web design and development projects.

Deal with a web development company
Make sure that the company you are dealing with specializes in web designing and development. Many Indian companies offering web design services are actually software companies that only dabble in web site development. Software companies often do not employ full time web designers or HTML coders familiar with the latest HTML techniques. Programmers are notoriously stiff as designers. Many programmers never bother to learn the subtle nuances of HTML development since they consider that HTML coding to be "too easy". Look for a wide variety of interesting and dynamic web site designs in their portfolio, then check and see how well the HTML in their web sites validates to the most recent standards. (You can submit the URL of any page to to see how it validates.)

Avoid project brokers and freelancers
Make sure that you are dealing with a company with its own employees on staff. You don't want to be dealing with a broker who subcontracts out web development projects to a range of freelancers or small companies. The broker may not have much control over who does the work and may grab the bulk of the web site development fees, leaving very little incentive for those designers and coders actually doing the work. And a freelance designer or developer may suddenly get a bigger project than yours and the delays begin.

Look for a company with a track record
Even a small web site may one day need some additions or changes. Make sure that the company you are dealing with will be there in the future. And that they will stand behind their work. Don't be afraid to ask for real references you can write to. A good web design company will be happy to provide contacts you can talk to that will validate that companies web development skills. Take the "happy client" references on the site with a grain of salt.

Needless to say, Indax Internet Services fits all these requirements.
We are exclusively a web design company. We have a dynamic and interesting portfolio featuring up-to-the-minute designs and the latest in web site design and the latest HTML and web programming techniques. We have long term relationships with web developers and clients all over the world. We deliver what we promise, and with an economy and quality that you will not get at home. You are interested in high quality, economical web development. We can deliver what you want. Let's talk about your web design needs.

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