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Will India be a global trading giant in the 21st Century? Not many would predict it now, but as India adapts to new global realities there are positive signs.  Since the early 1990's, when the Indian government began its (slow) process of liberalizing the economy, there have been profound changes in attitudes, expectations, and processes within the country.  There has also been significant growth, evident in the rising wealth of India's middle class and in the success of many new entrepreneurial businesses.

BusinessThe new buzzwords are "productivity", "quality", "marketing", and "management structure".  Both imports and exports are rising, and overseas markets are being tested by newly confident Indian companies.  Foreign companies, sensing India's potential, have also become increasingly involved here.  Economic growth, while bringing many positive changes, has also severely taxed the country's infrastructure capacity.  It has threatened an entrenched business elite as well as a powerful government bureaucracy, and has put pressure on the social fabric of the country.  It is not yet easy to do business in India, for either Indians or foreigners, but it is increasingly becoming rewarding.  This section explores the potential, the problems, and the possible solutions for doing business in India, whether you are an established Indian company, a rising entrepreneur, or a foreign company thinking about coming in.

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INDAX is interested in exploring many different issues concerning business in India.  It is a diverse and complex topic and we welcome your contribution.  We urge visitors to interact with us.  Your comments, questions, and input will build this section into a useful business tool.  Please contact us


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