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The various forms of public media in India, particularly the print media, present a largely free and outspoken forum.  Virtually any perspective can find its voice, and there is a lively give and take on most issues.  There is a huge English language press.  English is practically the defacto common language of the middle and upper classes here and there are many high quality publications available on topics of news, sports, literature, and a growing number of speciality and trade publications.Media

English newspapers are rapidly improving quality and content, though some are weak on analysis and commentary.  However, there are several excellent newsmagazines that will give you insight and awareness of key issues and allow you to follow the story further through the newspapers.  If you live here, you may find foreign news limited, but international newsmagazines like Time, Newsweek, and The Economist are widely sold.

You'll find many Indians keep well informed on political developments and can provide engaging discussions.  Following even a few issues of a good news magazine like "India Today" will give you an overview of current issues, events, and personalities and give you a better understanding of the complexities of the country.
It's the Electronic Age now, and many of these publications are on the Net.  Check out some links to major newspapers, newsmagazines, business publications, and speciality magazines.  We have also provided links to documentary films and videos and to libraries and other specialty sources of information.

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