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Outsourcing - A dynamic business strategy
INDAX encourages partnerships with companies and individuals whose skills and aspirations complement our own. In today's competitive economy a company needs to focus on what it does best - and partner with others for skills it does not have in-house. Those partners do not have be next door. A rapidly shrinking electronic world, linked by fiber optics and satellites, means that you have access to the best global skills and services at rates you can afford. Multi national companies discovered the advantages of outsourcing long ago. Now it is available for everyone.

Finding a reliable partner.
In a global world there are the complications of distance, of language and culture. There are factors of trust and dependability. At Indax we know those challenges (we have been working with partners around the world for over 6 years now) and we try and make it easier for you to get to know us and work effectively with us. We are as close as your keyboard. You can reach us by email or by phone (we have set up international call numbers with voice messaging for when our office is closed. Or if you prefer, we'll call you at a time that is convenient.)

Who we partner with
Our clients and partners come from all over the world - Asia (Japan, Singapore, India, Australia), Europe (England, France, Germany, Switzerland), as well as the US and Canada. Some of our partners are web development companies who use us to reduce costs. Some are graphic designers who use us for programming support. Some are companies needing help with their websites or with intranet maintenance and support.

What we can do
We help our clients and partners cut costs and increase efficiency in web related tasks - like web programming, intranet support and database development. We work with some partners on a per project basis. For others we set up long term maintenance and support programs. For some we provide dedicated FTE (Full Time Equivalent) workers with specialized skills working under supervised conditions in our offices in Hyderabad. If you need it, we can set up a fully supervised offshore production center for you (of any size - from 1 to 100+ skilled workers) for a short-term project or a long-term commitment.

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