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Our clients have a lot
to say about us!

At INDAX, we actually get a LOT of positive customer response. This makes us very pleased, as we go out of our way to make sure dealing with us is a positive and pleasant experience. And it seems to be so. We have a lot of repeat business and many referrals. (Sometimes we even get tips at the conclusion of a project from delighted clients.)

We get compliments on our quality of product, speed of service, and attention to detail. It makes us blush to blow our own horn, but we know prospective customers are looking for reassurance that our company can deliver what we promise. Here is a small sampling that we feel sums up the positive experience of dealing with us.


Once upon a time, there was a start-up company in the UK with an idea, and with very tight budgets and very little experience of the internet and the worldwide web. This company was a little wet around the ears regarding e-commerce, let alone building a website from scratch, in fact, they were ideally placed for getting ripped-off by some unscrupulous web designers. But, as luck would have it the exact opposite happened.

These babes-in-arms had previously spent months searching high-and-low for a team of web designers in the UK who could fulfill their brief on time and most importantly, within a limited budget! But alas, to no avail.

Their proposed website was to be complicated, the main part to be built in Flash on a complex database platform with lots of user interactivity and a pressing launch date. A site not to be undertaken by the fainthearted.

Now, the writer of this piece knows all of this to be true, because I am a partner in that start-up company. We had heard that there were some particularly skilled web design outfits in India - so we looked - and low and behold, INDAX came top of that list. And that was the beginning of an excellent working relationship. INDAX delivered the build, on-time, exceeded the brief expectations and within budget. It was an utterly painless process, believe me. A complicated website was built by them, with all communication between us via e-mail, and with next day turnaround on alterations and comments. We don't think we would have got this sort of service anywhere else, and count ourselves very lucky to have found INDAX.

We believe they have created an award winning site for us - and they could do the same for you!

So this story ended happy ever after. I recommend, George (who held our hand every step of the way) and his team of professionals at INDAX, to you, without hesitation or reservation, they have been a joy to work with. And I look forward to an ongoing relationship with them in the future.

R. A. Bryant-Funnell, CEO,

Working with INDAX is great. From initial discussions covering design concepts, technical requirements and costs through to the projects completion and the inevitable adjustments, changes and edits, INDAX knows how to get the job done, on time and on budget, and they are always a pleasure a deal with.


Tracy A. Elofson
Arts District Coordinator
Edmonton Downtown Development Corporation

Indax has been great to work with: They respond promptly to questions and issues-even faster than companies physically nearby us, so I barely notice that they're based in India! But that's an advantage, too: you get technically - savvy folks who work at reasonable rates vs. USA's, and no language barriers. When we wanted additional features in the cgi-based functionality they had already started developing for our corporate web site, Indax added them in cheerful manner, sticking to their rate structure and timeline. I would quickly recommend them for projects like ours, with no hesitation.

Glenn Gutmacher
Boston, Mass.

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