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Thanks for a very helpful and informative website-I followed much of your advice when I first settled in Delhi about ten months ago, and had a smooth transition as a result.

I have since found a few great buys that may interest folks planning to stay for a year or more and bring their household effects back home duty-free.  For some time, India has been exporting very high quality products to the European and North American markets that were not available at home.  Now this is changing, and can be a great deal for those of us willing to rent half a container (@ US $1800 to US East Coast- -quoted by Mittals) at the conclusion of our stay.

Been shopping for beds lately and have found two great buys for the bedroom:

--M&M pincore natural rubber mattresses.  
M&M, headquartered in Chennai, is one of the world's largest producers and exporters of premium latex foam rubber mattresses, made from natural rubber grown on plantations in Tamil Nadu and other parts of South India.  Make sure to get "pincore" with the small, evenly spaced ventilation holes on both sides, the best quality.  I've seen these mattresses available in most major Indian cities, cut to order, for approximately 25% of the prices charged in the US, where I come from.  They're not cheap by Indian standards, but your back will thank you and they last 30 years or more.

--The Original Bedstead Company
A-53, Lajpat Nagar -2, Central Market Road ,
New Delhi
Delhi 110024
Telephone: 91-11-6315769 ,
Fax: 91-11-6315769
Email: india@obc-uk.net

Drool! These beautiful cast iron and brass beds are made right here in Delhi for sale in fine European and North American furniture stores.  In addition to the present Delhi retail store, they are also opening outlets in most major Indian metros.  By buying in India, you not only pay much lower prices, but can order modifications and custom designs that are not available in the US and Europe.

Lastly, shopping for a stereo recently, I discovered that high end audio is alive and well in India, at least on a small-and thankfully affordable--scale.

Just bought a fantastic tube preamp and two 75-watt monoblock amplifiers from these folks for approximately US $600.  This is a very small company run by an Indian-American engineer who has returned home after 25 years in the US.  Many of his customers are European musicians.  I've got to buy transformers to take this stuff home, but it's worth it!

Cadence Audio - http://www.cadenceaudio.com/
This is a somewhat larger Mumbai-based company that is successfully exporting to high-end audio stores in Europe and North America.  Their specialty is hybrid electrostatic speakers.  They also make tube and hybrid amps.

Thanks again for your great advice and info!

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